Best friend wedding speech

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One of the most important speeches from a wedding is the one of the best friend of the groom or the best man as he is often named. Although is a great favor that the groom shows to a person asking him to be the best man the honor comes with this responsibility. You will have to deliver a best friend wedding speech, and not an ordinary one, because everybody is waiting to hear something they have never heard before and be absolutely astonished by your speech. If you are in such a situation things are not probably very easy for you especially if the wedding day is not very far away. I have not been a best man, but I have been a groom so I kind of know how hard it is to say something at a wedding when everyone is looking at you. My advice would be to get some professional help. You can find something that would help you here. But let’s have a quick look at what the best friend wedding speech should contain, just to have an idea.
It should definitely have a joke or something funny said about the wedding day, the groom or the best man.
It should contain a thank you from the beginning to the groom and to the great privilege he has given to you to be his best man.
Look at the bride and say to her that she has found the greatest man she could ever have found.
It is your own choice how many jokes you say, but in my opinion if it is not a high class wedding you could use more than one, because everybody will feel very well and the atmosphere will be much more relaxed.
Say something funny about the groom from one of the things you have done together and say how much you liked his company and how you consider him a great man.
Thank everyone for listening and congratulate the bride and the groom for their decision and thank them for allowing you to be a part of their life.

These are the main points a best friend speech should contain. But the truth is this is not going to make the speech. You still have to work for it, to put the right words, to have the right phraseology and all the rest. If you really want to have a memorable speech with the proper jokes that will be remembered then going to someone who has done this is the best option. If you really want to get this done the proper way, I recommend to get this guide here.

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