Grooms Speech Format - 20 Groom Speech Topics

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The main goals of this kind of public speaking at a wedding are to:

  • Thank and compliment your bride.

  • Thank the father of the bride.

  • Thank all the people who have helped to organize the wedding: the best man, the maids of honor/bridesmaids and the parents.

  • Give presents.

  • Thank the guest for their gifts.
You have to thank many people, so keep it short and light-hearted!

20 Free Topics & Themes

Remember: the groom speaks also for his wife!
1. Start with a joke or a funny oneliner about marriage, life, the wedding party itself or anything else that grabs the attention.
2. If no one has spoken before, then welcome the guests, the best man, and the other people who play a special role. Thank all who are present for their gifts, cards, wishes and thoughts.
3. Tell about a funny incident while this wedding ceremony was prepared.
4. Tell how you met your wife. Tell how the groom and bride fell in love. What were your first impressions - and hers? Who made the first move?
5. Tell about the common activities, sports, hobbies.
6. Conclude this part of your groom speech by thanking your wife. Praise her beauty, how beautiful she looks. Tell what she means to you and how happy and lucky you are to share the future with her.
7. Give your wife a red rose.
8. End this romancing and loving part with a toast to your bride.
9. Thank the father of the bride for his nice speech, best wishes and toast proposal. And, if appropriate, thank him in your groom speech for the party.
10. Thank the mother of the bride. Pay special attention in your speech to her help; perhaps she has made your wife’s wedding dress.

The rest of the ten groom speech format topics here.
To get a professional guide with examples and templates click here.

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