Groom Speech Etiquette

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Preparing a wedding is not the easiest thing to do. I can say that from experience. One of the hardest things to get done seems to be to prepare the groom speech. And the truth is, this daunting task gets even more difficult when you have to consider the groom speech etiquette. You will have to consider your guests and try to prepare the groom speech to be appropriate for the kind of people that you will have invited to the wedding reception. Regarding the groom speech etiquette, there are at least two ways that you could approach this problem. And I must say very honestly, don’t worry, is not a thing that could not be resolved. Everything can be done with a little advice.
The two approaches that you could take are: the formal approach and the less formal approach. It all depends on your guests. We shall present here how a groom speech should look like by the two different approaches and in the end, thinking what kind of guests you will have to decide which groom speech etiquette  is more good for you. So let’s see:

1. Groom Speech Etiquette- the less formal approach

We shall start with this way of looking at the problem, because nowadays more and more people are giving up to the etiquette of things and what they want to do is to get the events of life more and more like things they could enjoy rather then things done to please others on their expectations. This is what you should do:
You should start with a joke about the groom, bride, or something related to the wedding. Try to relax the things by saying this joke and to get everybody’s attention. This way you will have a memorable speech.
Then, one of the most important things is to thank all the people involved in this wedding. I believe that the first that you should thank is your bride, then the parents and so on.
Consider saying some funny things about you and the bride from the time that you were little children. It will help a lot in delivering the speech.
These are just a few thoughts. If you need a real example, and get a template to use on the big day click the image on the right. John Wilson and Brenda Hamilton have done a great job writing that guide for you.

2. Groom Speech Etiquette- the formal approach

The most traditional way of a groom speech would never start with a joke. And that is because the groom speech etiquette would not allow it. You should start by thanking and not to the bride, but thank the parents of the bride. That is the protocol. Say how delighted are you for having raised such a beautiful daughter and for allowing you to marry her. Only then you are allowed to thank your bride and continue with the groom speech……………
For the rest of the formal approach of the groom speech etiquette click the image on the right and you will get the chance to buy a guide that will give you ready made groom speech just the way you  need it and the guests expect it.

If you want to get a professional guide on how to make the groom speech with examples and templates click here

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