Order of wedding speeches

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The wedding day is one of the most important in life, whether you are the groom or the bride. For both this is that day you have dreamed about for so many years and it will soon be here. Thinking of how beautiful that day will be, there is one thing that comes into the mind of the groom but also the bride, something that makes the joy kind of disappear for a moment. That thing is the fact you will have to deliver the bride and groom speech. Back in the old days, there were not so many speeches at a wedding, but today it seems that everyone has to say something and to give a prepared, better said a professional speech. The best man, the father of the bride, of the groom the mother of the bride and of the groom and sometimes also the maid of honor all have to deliver a speech. There are two problems. One is you will have to prepare an outstanding speech and you have not done such a thing in your life. I really recommend getting some professional help. You can find a guide for any wedding speech here.
The other problem is the order of wedding speeches. Is there such an order? Will someone notice if you do things a little different that have been made at other weddings? Here is an order to make you feel OK that you don’t break the rules everybody is expecting to keep. In the very traditional manner this is the order:

The best man gives his speech first.

Then the groom will respond with his speech.

Other kind of speeches can be made after the groom’s speech.

The father of the bride must be the last to give the speech and thank everyone for attending.

This is the most traditional order of the wedding speeches. Nowadays however, there are many who do not respect this order because they don’t have those kinds of guests to care about that. Anyway, the thing you should be worried about is to prepare your speech very well. It doesn't matter if you are the groom, the bride or any other to give a speech. If you need professional help to prepare your speech you can find a professional guide for every wedding speech here.

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